Soap Gifts made with Natural Essential Oils

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There are many companys who make Handmade Soap Gifts in the UK. Always buy from crafters who only use premium essential oils and use natural ingredients.
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Soap Gifts Wedding Favours

Rosebud Cupcake Soap Gifts
Thanking Wedding guests for attending your big day is becoming a popular tradition, and Soap Gifts are a perfect present to choose. These small affordable gifts known as wedding favours are a wonderful way to provide a special thank you and present guests with a memento of the day itself.

The variety of Soap Gifts we make that are perfect as wedding favours is growing daily, and not only are they pretty they are also a practical and decorative gift to give away on your wedding day.
Our favours fit in standard wedding favour boxes or bags and are a chic and stylish soap gift.
We have a wide choice of different soap gift fragrances and designs, from hearts with Rosebuds to cupcakes and mini wedding cakes to the ultimate Soap Gift Wedding Favour, soaps which assemble into a beautiful wedding cake design.

Wedding Cake Favours Soap Gift

Wedding Favours Soap Gifts
How wonderful would it be to give guests a slice of your wedding cake and a piece of gorgeous soap from a soap wedding cake?

If you want to create a unique wedding favour some of our wedding cake favours can even be personalised with the happy couples initials for a wedding gift everyone will remember.
Our Wedding Favours use the highest quality essential oils so each aspect of your wedding favour is extra special and the fragrances will last equally well if they are used or saved as a keepsake.

However your guests use them our wedding favours will compliment your wedding's style and become a wonderful gift that's remembered and cherished.

Soap Gifts For Christmas

Rosebud Heart Soap Gifts
Soap Gifts aren't only for weddings, they can also be an affordable way to treat your family, friends, or your children's teachers and work colleagues to beautiful Soap Gifts at inexpensive prices for Christmas.

Simply buy a pack of our soap gifts and wrap one or two in tissue paper or Mulberry paper and place them in a pretty bag or box for a fantastic soap gift everyone would love for only a pound or two.

Roses and Flowers Soap Gifts

Purple Rose Soap Gift
Some of our most beautiful Soap Gifts are made in the form of flowers such as Roses and Lilys. They are made with the best SLS Free Soap and contain pure essential oils.
Not only are they a fantastic and fragrant decoration for your bathroom, they are practical and used as ordinary soap, or have petals pulled off and scattered into your bath for added luxury and pampering.

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