Soap Gift Packaging Tips

Once you have made or bought Soap Gifts for a Wedding, Birthday, Home Warming, Christmas or any celebration where you would like to give beautiful Handmade Soap Gifts, the next step is wrapping them up!

There are limitless options available depending on your taste and colour scheme, so we hope you will remember some of these tips when you next need to make some gorgeous presents.

The variety of packaging is confusing, but to make a simple Handmade Soap into a stunning gift, an Organza pouch is a simple and pretty option. If you would like a more wrapped approach you can choose paper, but it has to be flexible. Any paper that wrinkles or tears easily is not to be used, the best paper for wrapping Soap Gifts is Mulberry paper.

Soap Gifts Wrapping For Weddings

It is very attractive, extremely pliable and does not easily rip unless it gets wet. It also comes in  a wide choice of colours, so if you are making Wedding Soap Gifts, you can match your Wedding's colour scheme very easily.
Mulberry paper is a more expensive option, although if you look online, there are suppliers who will sell larger pack wholesale, perfect for party, or Wedding Gifts.

Still with Weddings in mind, unwanted fabric such as Lacy net curtains make for fabulous wrapping, any fancy fabric will do, but Lace adds an extra special style. Most dainty Wedding Soap Gifts will easily fit into an average Wedding Favour box, but check your sizes before you buy!

Soap Gifts For Christmas and Beyond

A safer way to go is to us little paper bags and a custom made stamp and ink to print your own unique packaging. Simply wrap the soap in a coloured tissue paper and slide it into the bag. It gives the Soap Gift a very sophisticated elegant touch seen in all the top London stores.

A popular option is the more rustic look with a Handmade paper or natural Brown paper. This is a favourite of mine is to use natural Raffia or twine, it is especially beautiful for Handmade Soap, and just a few twists and a bow will make the Soap Gift look amazing. For Christmas gifts add organic Pine Cones or dried flowers and fruit for the very best Soap Gifts you won’t want to give away.